May 04, 2012

G and I have a box with different ideas of things to do when we are board, need a date night, or just because. A few days ago we picked one idea out and it was " Each pick 6 songs that remind you of our relationship."  Here is the list he came up with.

“Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol- this song reminds me of us as we don’t need anything or anyone to be happy as long as we have each other.

“Neutron Star Collision”- our love is forever and our two lives and our two hearts combined like a neutron star collision.

“I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts- this song reminds me of when we used to cuddle and watch the original best show ever and when I used to talk to you on the phone for hours before you would watch “Friends” before you went to bed and I’m still mad I watched the last episode without you. P.S. season 10 disc 4 lol

“You Had a Bad Day” by Daniel Powter- the lyrics in the song don’t remind me of us but I miss the times we used to jam out to this song in bed.

“Only Hope” by Mandy Moore- one of the best movies ever reminds me of the best girlfriend in the world and you are my one and only hope.

“I Will Crumble” by Mike Vogel- if you were ever to leave me, I would surely crumble as you have helped me in so many aspects of my life

My list will be posted tomorrow ; )

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  1. Love it <3!!! Great blog, very cute!! Visit my blog and if you like it to follow me on google friends & bloglovin and I will be happy to follow you back <3

  2. What a fun idea for a blog post! And a wonderful way to remember these special songs :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair


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