May 05, 2012

Continuing on from the post yesterday here are my six songs for G.

Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
I do not know when or how this song became important to us, all I know is the words fit us to a tee and every time it comes on he sings it to me<3.

Neutron Star Collision-Muse
The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it because it reminded me of our love.

You Are The One-HIM
We've had our share of misfortune

We've had our blues

And God is not on our side
Yes it's true
We keep forgetting baby
The beauty of us two
There is no one who can take that away
From me and you
You are the one
And there's no regrets at all
Seriously those lyrics are perfect for us! 

Hands Down-Dashboard Confessional
This song reminds me of our first kiss (since afterwards I went home and played it on repeat all night long!) It also brings me back to those fun, innocent , first love, crazy for each other feelings.

Turning Page-Sleeping At Last
This is the newest of our songs, it is simple, sweet, and to the point about how we feel about each other. Plus it is one of our potential wedding songs. Also I think it really describes how we feel right now, in this moment.

23-Jimmy Eat World
This song takes me back to our darker times. It reminds me that it took a lot of work on both of our parts to get to the point that we are today. It is bitter sweet, and it is important for us to remember those times that have made us stronger.
( The intro is quit long skip to 1:30)

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