March 27, 2011

For awhile now I have noticed that some bloggers hosting photo challenges are a little bias. Now if you are a blogger who hosts do not jump the gun and assume I am talking about you, I am more so talking in general terms. For a while now I have seen contests I have entered and some I have not entered continually pick the same people every week.

Before I got discouraged and thought my photos most be horrible because I am not "winning". Now I realize it is not just me, but a lot of awesome people out there who are getting over looked as well. One contest from a week ago just posted her winners and Although I did not enter I wanted to see the entries. So I looked at them all and the ones she picked were honestly not as good as a lot of the other ones I saw.

I am not writing this to accuse anyone, but more or less to encourage other bloggers who feel over looked. If your photo was not picked for a challenge and you thought for certain it would be at least featured, do not get discouraged.Unfortunately a lot of bloggers form little clicks and they will only pick people they know. Which is why I do not do "contests" anymore. I know my photography is not the greatest, but I know I am good and getting better everyday. So I do not need validation from a random person picking me as a top photo of the week.

I get my validation from wonderful comments and from friends and family who want me to shoot for them. So the next you feel this why remember these things. Also if you are like me and love to participate in link ups, do the ones that do not pick winners. This way you will not have to worry about not being good enough and instead focus on getting and giving feedback to other photographers.

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