May 19, 2010

Ok so since my post about my teeth I have gotten about 15 emails about what my oral hygiene regiment is. First I just want to say it is ok to leave comments people! Lol for some reason people like to email me on either yahoo or Facebook instead of leaving comments here. It is kind of weird, but hey whatever floats your boat!

Anyways here is what I do. I brush my teeth only once a day (yeah I know it is supposed to be 2-3), When I brush I do not use mouthwash instead I use 3% hydrogen peroxide. This actually is better for you then mouthwash because it gets rid of all the bacteria and it also whitens your teeth! True story peeps. In the morning I use mouthwash only, no brushing. I floss only when need be, once again not the greatest idea. That is about it though. Oh once a week a use an electric toothbrush and do a major 10 min brush. I use the electric toothbrush only once a week so it does not get worn out as easy.

So there you have it my teeth tips. Make sure to go to the dentist every 6 months though!!! Lol now that I have went trust me I am going to keep on going!

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  1. I'm going to try that peroxide thing. I really want to whiten my teeth; they've lost some of their brightness since I started smoking again.

    And since we're sharing... I brush in the morning and at night. I try to floss once a day (at night), but most of the time end up not feeling like it and only do it once a week -- if that. I'm trying to get into the habit of flossing every night.

    When I brush, I use a regular adult toothbrush, then I use a baby toothbrush to get the back molars. I have a really small mouth, so the baby toothbrush is pretty essential to get in there, because otherwise plaque builds up. (My dental hygienist always lectures me if I've been slacking on that.)

    I used to use mouthwash but I always forget to buy more. This can be chalked up to laziness, too. I say whatever!

    I go for a cleaning every six months. Dental insurance helps a lot in that department; growing up, I never went to the dentist. The first time I went was when I was like fifteen or sixteen.

    Anyway. You have great teeth! I should post a picture of mine. I have kitty -- or vampire -- fangs, depending on different people's interpretations when they notice them. And they're natural; I guess my maternal great-grandmother had them, too.

  2. I wish I had fangs lol! Yeah the peroxide works well, I know I need to start flossing more, like you I am too lazy lol.

  3. I've already messed up my "floss every night" goal; I skipped last night. I am so horrible -- and lazy!

  4. Umm. You edit your pictures. Please. Oral hygiene. You are SUCH a liar.

  5. come see in in person bitch I will give you a close up


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